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Bus Return Times 2017

Please note that on the mobile menu, there is a quick link to the bus times page directly beside the MENU () button.

All pickups and dropoffs are at LCVI. Please follow the About Us -> Contact Us and Maps link for directions.

Program Return Date Expected Return Time Updated Return Time Notes
Quest 1 July 09 3:00PM Arrived 3:00PM
OP1 Killarney July 12 5:00PM 6PM Bus is enroute. Delayed in traffic on the 401. Bus GPS says ETA 5:50PM.
WIC Missinaibi July 17 1:00PM 1:00PM Arrived at 1PM
OS1 Georgian Bay July 20 6:00PM 5:30PM Bus was in Port Hope as of 3:50PM which should put them at LCVI near 5:30PM.
OP1 Adirondacks July 21 4:00PM
Outdoor Escape 1 July 21 4:00PM
Outreach 1 Algonquin July 22 4:00PM 4:00PM / 8:00PM UPDATE: Opeongo Bus left Bancroft at 5:30PM. Revised ETA 8:00PM

Unfortunately, there is a major delay on the Opeongo bus. The Canoe Lake bus is on time.

Canoe Lake Bus (Arrived)
Katie/Zack (Anna H, Angela L, Connor Mc, Mike N, Kyle P, Henry S, Ollie T)
Colleen/Lorenzo (Andrew C, Logan C, Gavin L, Morgan M, Kibo M, Elliot M, Sophie W)
Julia R/Liam (Huw D-P, Louis G, Michael K, Gabrielle L, Lydia M, Tom S)
Kat/Will S (Diana B, Malcolm I, Dylan K, Anna M-K, Zoe P, Fabian VM, Adam W)

Opeongo Bus (Current ETA 8:00 PM)
Clara/Will (Luke A, Jacob AM, Zoe C, Ruby H, Tanner N, Evan S, Calista V)
Eryn/Chris (Parker B, Owen C, Noah GB, Aiden M, Matthew N, Matthew P)
Julia/Keli/Sarah (Amelia B, Dan C, Alex Mac, Ben Mc, Dakota O, Amina TT)
Cassy/Mark (Callum D, Finn F, Maggie L, Serena L, Lincoln P, Lewis P, Kate S)
OS1 Palmer July 26 4:00PM
Quest 2 July 30 3:00PM
OS2 Georgian Bay August 03 6:00PM
OP2 Killarney August 04 5:00PM
OR1.5 (OLP) August 04 4:00PM
GAP August 05 3:00PM
OS2 Palmer August 09 4:00PM
OP2 Adirondacks August 13 4:00PM
Quest 3 August 13 3:00PM
Long Trail August 14 4:00PM
OS3 Georgian Bay August 17 6:00PM
OS3 Palmer August 23 4:00PM
Outdoor Escape 2 August 25 4:00PM
Outreach 2 Algonquin August 26 4:00PM
Quest 4 August 27 3:00PM
KIC - Anticosti August 28 10:00PM