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Where do I meet the bus?

When am I supposed to be getting home from trip? How would my parents know if the bus is early or late?

Can I request to go on trip with my friends?

Who do my parents contact in the case of an emergency?

How physically fit do I have to be to take Gould Lake courses?

Do I need to buy new gear to go on these trips?

How qualified are the staff that will be taking me into the wilderness?
Trip Related

What are the tent arrangements while on the wilderness trip?

How is the food safe from animals on the wilderness trips?

What kind of food will we eat on trip and who cooks it?

Do I drink water straight from the lake?

How do I keep clean without a shower/sink?

Where do we go to the bathroom?

How do you deal with feminine hygiene on the wilderness trips?

What do we do if there is a storm?

What is GORP/Trail Mix
Course Specific



Outdoor Pursuits (OP)

Outdoor Skills (OS)

Wilderness Instructor Course (WIC)

Kayak Instructor Course (KIC)