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Kayak Instructor Course

The Kayak Instructor Course (KIC) is a program for senior students which involves a month long remote coastal kayaking trip to Anticosti Island, where the St. Lawrence River meets the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

KIC students will spend over 20 days ocean kayaking in challenging maritime conditions and will further develop their leadership, marine navigation and group dynamic skills.

This beautiful Island, with its cliffs, rocky beaches and teaming wildlife, is also the home of many treacherous reefs which have proven to be the undoing of many a mariner. While paddling the coast, it will not be unusual to view seals, whales and a variety of sea birds, including the bald eagle.

KIC is the expedition of a lifetime.

22 Days kayaking around Anticosti Island
Registration Opens December 1st
Anticosti Island
Registration opens December 1st