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Outdoor Escape

The Outdoor Escape program offers a basic introduction to the world of outdoor activities and group development for boys and girls graduating from grade 6 (going into grade 7). The program is 5 days long including one overnight and all activities will be conducted out at the Gould Lake Outdoor Centre.

Students will get an introductory look at skills necessary to be responsible and safe campers within a group setting. Students will be learning things such as navigation, canoeing, portaging, how to set up a tent and some basic outdoor cooking techniques. This prepares them to do an overnight on day 4 of the 5 at a campsite on Gould Lake allowing them the opportunity to utilize all the skills they learned during the week.

The Outdoor Escape experience is a great start into the world of outdoor recreation and towards our Quest and/or Outreach programs for graduates of grades 7, 8 or 9.

Learning a variety of camping skills
5 days of fun at the Gould Lake
Gould Lake - South Bay T-Dock