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The Quest program offers an introduction to the world of outdoor activities, for girls and boys going into grade 8 or 9. The program is 8 days long: 3 days are spent at the Gould Lake Outdoor Centre and 5 days on a canoe trip in Frontenac Park.

In addition to learning the skills necessary for the 5-day trip, like canoeing, portaging, navigation, putting up a tent, and cooking, students will have the opportunity to have fun with a group of their peers.

The Quest experience is a great stepping stone toward our Outreach program for grade 8 and 9 graduates. Successful Quest students will receive 0.5 credit in Physical Education (PAD1O).

5 days in Frontenac Park
For Grade 7 & 8 Graduates
5 days in Frontenac Park
Learn tons of canoeing & camping skills